How To Look Well-Groomed in 2023

A well-groomed person is someone who is very neat, tidy, and attractive down to the smallest details. Physical appearance is the first thing anyone judges you with when they see you. You know what they say about looks; dress like how you want to be addressed.

You have no reason not to look presentable in 2023. Whether rich or broke, you must look decent and well-groomed daily. Whether it is a market day, quick errands in town, wedding vibes, or hanging out with friends, always look clean, tidy, and smart for the right occasion.

A well-groomed lady
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Tips on looking clean

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene entails all practices geared toward keeping the body and its accessories clean. It involves the conscious effort to groom the body and keep anything we put onto the body tidy. The most important personal hygiene is bathing.

Make constant efforts to bath every day, at least twice (2x) daily. If the need arises, bath more than twice. Always make sure the water is clean so you wash thoroughly, especially your private parts.

Make sure you concentrate on these body parts when bathing, that is the ears, armpits, navels, private parts, in between the toes, heels, and soles of the foot. All these parts require regular washing as much as the rest of the body and hence should be cleaned with a sponge and soap when bathing.


Brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and before retiring to bed. Do well to brush with toothpaste containing fluoride. Dentists advise that evening brushing should be done about 30 minutes after the last meal, after which no meal should be taken. The tongue should not be left out as small food particles can be trapped on it and contribute to mouth odor when it is not cleaned.

Don’t rinse the mouth with water immediately after brushing. Only the toothpaste in the mouth should be spat away. This enables the fluoride in the toothpaste to remain for maximum action on the teeth.

In cases of no toothbrush available, mouthwash is a good option for a quick clean out of the mouth and fresh breath. Try and visit the dentist once a year for good dental hygiene.

A lady using mouthwash after brushing her teeth
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The lips should not be left out when brushing your teeth. Gentle brushing in a circular motion on both lips to help remove food residue and skin flakes to reveal soft and smooth lips. You can apply lip balm, vaseline, or shea butter for moisturized lips.

Girl applying lip balm
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Some acne and pimples are caused by not taking care of yourself. Try cleansing your face at least 2x a week with facial cleansers and toners. You can absolutely make home facial cleansers with granite clay, lime or lemon, etc. It is advisable to wash your face with clear water when you get home to clear dirt absorbed on the face, oil, and sweat. Avoid harsh soaps and pomades on the face because they can cause irritations.

A lady gently massaging her face
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The hair on our heads does not pose many issues. The ladies explore theirs with elegant hairstyles and the gentlemen also show fine haircuts and presentable styles like dreads, cornrows, afro, etc.

A corporate guy with a neatly tied dreadlocks
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With pubic hair, it is much advisable to keep it short or trimmed always to prevent irritation and unwanted problems. These pubic hairs require a good amount of attention.

It is advisable to shave after a thorough shower before drying up because the skin and hair follicles would be removed without a lot of friction. Apply shaving gel before shaving and shave in the direction of hair growth. It is best to shave in diagonal strokes but for pubic areas, it is better to shave downward or from side to middle. After shaving, moisturize the area with body cream or lotion, to help to reduce irritations and dryness. Keep your beard nicely shaped and trimmed.

Apply deodorant to your armpit right after drying up. If you cannot afford it, use lime dipped in ash and apply it to your armpits to get rid of a foul smell when you sweat.

Smelling good

Smelling good is a significant way of appearing well-groomed. Studies show that men who use cologne or smell good are perceived as more attractive to women than those who don’t. For ladies, body splashes are cheaper if you can’t afford perfumes.

To make your fragrance last, apply a thin film of vaseline or lotion in areas before spraying the perfumes. Also, apply the perfume at pulse points, the back of the ears and neck, the inner fold of our elbows, wrist, and behind the knees. When you smell good, people like you naturally.

Dress Right

It is more important to look well dressed than to look shabbily dressed because people address you by the way you dress. Dress properly for the right occasion always. For example, you cannot wear joggers to an office meeting. Make sure your clothes fit well. Avoid crumpled clothes, always iron to give your clothes a fresh and better look.

To keep an excellent impression wherever we go, our personal grooming and appearance cannot be downplayed. So are you well-groomed? Do people stare at you awkwardly or in a nice way? Well, I hope this article helps you in your personal growth both physically and mentally.

Tips on looking well-groomed in 2023