How To Hide Your FUPA: 5 Ways

Lady with FUPA

Correctly hiding the FUPA should be one of the scientific research in the world because it is really difficult to lose belly fat. FUPA, which stands for ‘fat under pubic area’ is basically excess fat stored in the lower belly; the area between the hips and above the pubic bone.

Mostly found in older women, FUPA is caused by aging, childbirth, weight loss and genetics. This fat is really difficult to lose. Some specific exercises and medical procedures can help reduce the FUPA. Since most adult women have less time and money to exercise or get medical procedures, here are 5 correct ways to disguise your FUPA in style and slay that outfit you have in mind to rock.

Lady checking her protruding belly
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5 ways to correctly hide your FUPA in an outfit

Wear loose clothes

Wearing tight-fitting clothes like bodycon dresses brings out all your body contours, especially your belly area. Avoid clothes that cling to your body, especially your stomach. Shift dresses in the right fabric are the perfect fit to hide that FUPA while making you look classy. Tops with draping details can be rocked with trousers or skirts to prevent the FUPA from popping out. Skater dresses are also perfect for hiding that FUPA.

Avoid wearing belts on your stomach

Belts, especially the one for the belly are known to accentuate the waist making a woman look curvier. This is true but if you want to hide your FUPA, please avoid putting your belts right on your stomach because it would not hide it. When you want to rock a belt, place it higher than the widest part of your stomach.

Avoid tucking in shirts

Tucking in for women creates a balanced outfit, defining the waist to make it appear smaller. But for women with FUPA, tucking in your shirts will create a line around the widest part of your stomach making your lower belly visible and drawing attention to the area. Avoid tucking in by leaving your tops out but do not make them end at the broadest part of your hips.

Considering your sleeve lengths is also important in hiding that stomach. Sleeves should be above your stomach or below your hips depending on how long your arms are and where the stomach is the biggest.

Dresses that create an illusion

To hide the FUPA, choose vertical stripes clothes, asymmetrical and wrap dresses.

Vertical stripes visually elongate the body creating the illusion of being taller than you actually are unlike the horizontal stripes which make you look wider. Vertical stripes assist in distracting people from the FUPA.

Ladies in vertical stripe dresses
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Asymmetrical dresses are perfect for drawing attention from the stomach, creating vertical lines that elongate and flatter the body.

Wrap dresses also work well in covering the FUPA by flattering the stomach area with the wrap detail coming across the waist. You can choose how you tie the belt to hide the tummy. They suit the majority of women no matter their size or shape by creating an illusion of a smaller waist with an hourglass figure.

Choosing a printed or patterned dress helps in hiding that FUPA since it confuses the eye, drawing the gaze up, down or around from that belly.

Wear shapewear

This is the most important when it comes to hiding your FUPA. Note that, shapewear does not make you lose belly fat. It makes you look poised and slimmer. Shapewear enhances the curves in an encouraging way and flattens the stomach area. Get the right shapewear (size and colour) and rock that bodycon dress with confidence.

Having FUPA does not stop you from being fashionable. It is just important to wear flattering pieces that hide that belly. You can rock pants that tuck your stomach in, that is, the bottoms do not end in the middle of your stomach. To lose that belly fat, you can check out How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Do not forget to highlight the best parts of your body when you dress up and feel confident in your skin. FUPA or not, you are beautiful sis.

5 Ways to Correctly Hide Your FUPA