5 Great YouTube Channels for Children

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Children of the 21st century are so engaged with electronic devices. This tech-savvy generation, often referred to as Generation Alpha, is highly adept at navigating social media platforms. Unfortunately, many parents struggle to keep a vigilant eye on their online activities.

Recent research reveals that a significant 31.6% of children across the globe prefer YouTube over other social media platforms, according to Statista.

YouTube stands as a prominent online video-sharing platform, boasting an extensive library of over 800 million videos distributed across 37 million channels. While it’s true that not all the content on YouTube is suitable for children, there exists a solution in the form of YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids provides a more controlled environment for youngsters to explore the world of YouTube, offering peace of mind to parents and caregivers who wish to oversee their children’s viewing habits. With YouTube Kids, parents can choose from three age-based content settings: Preschool (for children under 4 years), Younger (ages 5 to 8), and Older (ages 9 to 12).

There are educational channels for children that cover vital subjects such as environmental studies, the human body, science, wildlife, and social skills. This article will introduce you to five channels within these domains.

I present to you 5 insightful children’s channels on YouTube;

5 YouTube Channels for Children
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YouTube Channels for Children


When it comes to nurturing the spiritual growth and religious education of children, there’s one resource that I wholeheartedly endorse – “Superbook.” This exceptional animated series serves as a unique and effective medium for imparting religious knowledge in a way that captivates young hearts and minds.

“Superbook” centers around the thrilling adventures of two time-traveling youngsters, Chris and Joy, who are joined by their trusty robotic companion, Gizmo. Together, this dynamic trio embarks on enthralling journeys that are firmly rooted in Bible stories, providing an engaging platform to impart moral truths and invaluable life lessons.

One of the outstanding attributes of “Superbook” is the depth and breadth of its content. With an extensive library boasting over 1.6k videos, this channel takes young viewers on a rich and immersive exploration of various Bible characters and their remarkable virtues.

From the epic tales of Noah’s unwavering faith to David’s courage in facing Goliath, “Superbook” breathes life into these ancient stories, making them relatable and meaningful for today’s generation.

Furthermore, Gizmo, the endearing and ever-helpful robot, plays a pivotal role in this educational endeavor. He serves as a delightful and reliable guide, offering daily Bible lessons that are not only instructive but also enjoyable for children. His presence on the channel ensures that kids have access to a continuous source of spiritual learning and inspiration.

In a world filled with digital distractions, “Superbook” emerges as a beacon of wisdom and enlightenment, providing a platform where children can grow in their faith, explore the teachings of the Bible, and understand the moral values that are integral to their spiritual development.

By endorsing “Superbook,” you’re opening the doors to a world of religious education that is both entertaining and enlightening. This exceptional resource ensures that your children will not only be engaged and entertained but will also benefit from the timeless wisdom and guidance that the Bible offers.

Ms. Rachel

Ms. Rachel, an American YouTuber, launched her channel on February 13, 2019, and has since garnered an impressive following of 6.39 million subscribers. I highly recommend Ms. Rachel’s channel as an invaluable resource for speech development and vocabulary expansion, specifically tailored for preschoolers under the age of 4.

Ms. Rachel’s content has struck a chord with parents around the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Her videos have a unique and captivating quality that draws in both children and their parents. Many families find themselves enjoying Ms. Rachel’s videos together, making it a shared experience that’s both entertaining and educational.

One of Ms. Rachel’s standout attributes is her ability to captivate young audiences with unwavering enthusiasm. Her vibrant and engaging persona is like a magnet for children, holding their attention throughout her videos.

Whether she’s singing classic nursery rhymes, teaching the colors of the rainbow, or demonstrating the sounds of various animals, Ms. Rachel’s energy and passion shine through, making the learning experience all the more enjoyable.

Peekaboo Kidz

Dr. Binocs a beloved animated character on Peekaboo Kidz, resembling a professor or doctor, serves as an engaging educator for children about the world and various science topics. This educational show, crafted by Peekaboo Kidz, has been a staple on YouTube for more than nine years since its inception on June 7th, 2014. It is ideally suited for children aged 5 to 11.

Dr. Binocs makes the world of science accessible to children through a combination of entertaining and informative content, and it also delves into related subjects within geography and the Solar System. The series has earned a special place in the hearts of young viewers due to its high-quality videos and the engaging and fun narrative style that it employs to explore a wide range of topics.

As a result, Dr. Binocs has established a special place in the hearts of young viewers and their families. It’s not just a show; it’s an educational companion, sparking curiosity and fostering a love for learning. This beloved character continues to be a trusted guide, leading children on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of knowledge.

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Operation Ouch

Operation Ouch” is a remarkable children’s TV series thoughtfully crafted by two trained doctors, Chris and Xand Van Tulleken. This series serves as a captivating educational gateway for children to explore the intricate world of the human body, general health, and medicine.

Its inaugural episode aired on November 16, 2016, and it has since been a valuable resource for young viewers and their families. At its core, “Operation Ouch” endeavors to demystify the complexities of the human body in an engaging and age-appropriate manner.

Through a combination of vivid explanations, lively demonstrations, and entertaining experiments, the show empowers children with knowledge about the remarkable functions of their bodies. It’s not merely an educational endeavor; it’s also a comforting presence for young individuals who might find the idea of hospitals intimidating or daunting.

By making the hospital environment appear ‘less scary’ to children and fostering an understanding of medical procedures, “Operation Ouch” plays a vital role in helping children feel more at ease with their health and the medical world.

WonderGrove Kids

WonderGrove Kids is an educational platform that provides a variety of resources, including animated videos, stories, and interactive content designed to teach children essential life skills and character education. It is often used in schools, at home, and in other educational settings to promote social and emotional learning, as well as teach kids important values and life skills.

The platform’s content typically focuses on topics such as empathy, kindness, good manners, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and various character traits like responsibility, confidence, respect, and honesty. The resources are usually presented through animated characters and engaging stories that make learning fun and relatable for children.

This enchanting journey began in 2013, and since then, it has been touching the lives of children across the globe, providing them with invaluable lessons in essential social skills.

WonderGrove’s remarkable ability to blend entertainment and education has made it a beacon for parents, educators, and caregivers. It’s a place where children can embark on exciting trips while simultaneously embarking on a journey of self-discovery and social skill development.

This channel is not just about animation; it’s about fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity in children. WonderGrove has earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering engaging and meaningful content that resonates with both kids and the adults guiding their development.

It’s a place where learning is an adventure, and adventure is an opportunity to learn, and it continues to inspire and educate young minds worldwide.


YouTube Kids is a fantastic platform for children’s content that can easily be downloaded and accessed on a wide range of electronic devices, ensuring that kids can enjoy a variety of age-appropriate videos. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices, YouTube Kids is readily available for installation.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to download YouTube Kids on your preferred device:

  1. Mobile Devices (Smartphones and Tablets):
    • Open your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).
    • In the search bar, type “YouTube Kids” and press enter.
    • When you see the YouTube Kids app in the search results, tap on it.
    • Click the “Install” or “Get” button, and the app will download and install on your device.
  2. Computers and Laptops:
    • Unfortunately, YouTube Kids is primarily designed for mobile devices, and there isn’t a dedicated application for computers or laptops. However, you can still access YouTube Kids by opening a web browser and visiting the YouTube Kids website (www.youtubekids.com). From there, you can explore the kid-friendly content available.

While YouTube Kids offers a safer and more controlled environment for children compared to the regular YouTube platform, it’s essential for parents and caregivers to remain vigilant. Even with YouTube Kids, there is a possibility of some content slipping through the filters, and not all videos may be suitable for all age groups.

It’s highly recommended to watch and select the content that your children are interested in and ensure that it aligns with your family’s values and age-appropriateness. Regularly reviewing your child’s viewing history and making use of parental controls and settings can help provide a safer and more enriching experience on YouTube Kids. Your active involvement in your child’s online activities is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable digital experience.

Channels for Children on YouTube